Online Fitness Classes

Workout anytime, anywhere

5 types of class, ranging from 20 to 45 minutes

7-Day Free Trial & No Long-Term Contract

Only £25 a month

LivFit Online Classes

With a wide range of online fitness classes designed to build strength, improve fitness and make you feel happier & healthier, LivFit has the right fitness course for everybody.

All workouts are streamed live, via Facebook, online and are available for replay, as many times as you like... so you choose when, and how often you work out.

And you’re not on your own, LivFit is a Facebook community too!! You’ll get support and motivation from a great bunch of like-minded people.

The best bit! At £25 per month, it’s cheaper than the gym. You'll get a risk-free 7-day trial, and there is no contract with a long term commitment (you won’t want to leave anyway!).

Any Class, Anytime, Anywhere

When you sign up, you'll get access to all our weekly classes, live or on replay, via our dedicated Facebook group

Gentle Exercise

30 minutes (low intensity)

Perfect for those with mild to moderate health conditions, or those at the very start of their fitness journey

Weighty Wednesday

45 minutes (medium intensity)

A full-body muscle-strengthening workout using dumbbells, food tins... anything you have to hand!

Rebound Cardio

45 minutes (low-high intensity)

Burn fat and improve your cardio fitness and strength with moves to hit every target area (rebounder hire available)

Rebound Blast

20 minutes (medium-high intensity)

A cardio workout that really packs a punch. Enjoy bouncing your stress away! (rebounder hire available)

Rebound Surprise

20-45 minutes (low-high intensity)

The details of this one always stay secret... but enjoy a different work out every week!

Happy LivFitters

"This is the best thing I have done during the lockdown!! Zoe is just marvellous and I enjoy every single exercise with her guidance and company. After the classes, I definitely feel that my body is ready for the day. I can easily see the physical improvement as well!"

-- Ture

"LIVFIT classes are perfect for me as they are so flexible, I can do them whenever and how often I like. There is a wide range of classes that makes it fun and keeps it interesting. Since starting I feel fitter and stronger than ever. Zoe is great at motivating....which we all need now and again. I can't recommend LIVFIT highly enough for anyone that wants to get in shape or improve their strength and fitness! Give it a go!"

-- Emily

"Zoe has established an excellent series of online bodyweight and rebounder sessions which can be joined live or replayed at a later date/time to suit individual preferences. In addition to these sessions, there are themed monthly challenges which build daily into seriously good targeted workouts. Zoe has the knowledge, skill and ability to adapt (mix) exercises to ensure full and varied workouts focused on your goals whilst avoiding the monotony of endless repetitions and she will give 100% commitment to your goals"

-- Chris

"I have been using LivFit exercise online classes since the first lockdown and I can strongly recommend them. The exercises are suitable for all ages and all abilities and you can work at your owns pace to achieve your fitness goals. Classes are fun and I have found that my own fitness has improved."

-- Lois