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Zoe’s Heroes 6 week FREE online program to reduce stress and feel stronger, fitter, happier.

Zoe’s Hero’s starts Monday 26th July to 4th September 2021.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of obstacles.” 

Meet me 4 years ago.


Me in 2017

Fit, energetic and with balance in my life. I ate well, exercised regularly and loved spending quality time with family and friends. As a Personal Trainer you expect nothing else.

Fast forward 12 months after my son started full time school and I was suffering from chronic stress.

I was working crazy hours, starting at 5am and finishing at 11pm if I was lucky and working Saturdays as I battled to build my business but still be home for all school runs, club runs and dinner times.

When I was working evenings I felt terrible mum guilt that I wasn’t at home doing bed times and when I was with the kids I was worrying about how much work I had to do when they were in bed.

My sleep suffered. I started to gain weight. To counteract this I started massively reducing my food intake. But also started having a few alcoholic drinks a couple of evenings a week to help me sleep. And so the cycle was set.

My Stress Cycle was set

I had a stressful day, running around trying to make sure everyone else was happy. Not eating enough nutritious foods or drinking enough water. I would binge sometimes on sugary crap as the stress all became too much, to feel some kind of release. Then hate myself for not being able to control my eating. And then I would have a few alcoholic drinks in the evening to relax myself to be able to sleep after finishing paperwork and clients at 11 pm. I would have a crappy nights sleep, wake up at 5 am feeling exhausted and wishing I could just stay in bed all day and I didn’t have to be a responsible adult.

But I had to get up and get on with it. By February 2020 I was now drinking a few g and t’s 3 or 4 nights a week to help relax and sleep. My anxiety was through the roof to the point where I would wake up in the night struggling to breathe.

And then LockDown hit in March 2020

Bam. Everything changed.

Initially yes, the stress increased. And please know I wish it could have happened under different circumstances than this awful pandemic. No school runs. No kids clubs. I lost 8 clients overnight. All my classes had to stop. I had the ‘oh crap now what’ moment. But I was blessed to have a great support network and my greatest fans around me. ‘Get online’ they said.

So, I did. I managed to transfer most of my other clients online and started online classes. I was now only working 1-2 hours in the evenings and would start early to finish work at 12 pm to do home learning. But this was so much more manageable. We went for a family walk every day at 4 pm so I would be back in time for my classes in the evening. I had some stressful days with home learning but the opportunity to slow down and prioritise was incredible.

the reset begins

I was back to eating good nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water and getting to bed by 10 pm every night. I reduced the nights I drank alcohol initially although this wobbled up and down through the consecutive lockdowns. In January I quit alcohol altogether for 2 months to see if I could do it. I could and this was an absolute game-changer. After the first 2 weeks, my sleep massively improved. I introduced daily meditation and yoga first thing in the morning to help combat stress as I felt so fresh and ready for the day. The crappy carb cravings virtually stopped. I felt happy, calm, and ready to face the things ahead. As we have started to return to some normalcy, I am keeping these changes as they are part of my life now and I have never felt better.

now I want to spread the love and offer a free 6-week program

So that is my story so far. How I came to put together the 6-week free program I will be offering over the summer holidays to help other stressed out and tired people overcome life’s obstacles. To feel stronger, fitter, happier. You do not have to work through a load of fails first as I have done that for you. You must turn up every day and make a commitment to yourself and our Team.

Zoe’s Hero’s starts Monday 26th July to 4th September 2021.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of obstacles.” 

The program

Following the Simple Program (The Simple Healthy Lifestyle Plan for Weight Loss)

The first part of the program is to complete the following questionnaire. You will need to be honest with yourself with the answers and make a commitment to yourself to start the new positive habits on Monday 26th July. The key targets are:

  1. Stress
  2. Emotional Eating
  3. Sleep
  4. Water intake
  5. Alcohol Intake
  6. Processed foods
  7. Exercise


You will be taking part in:

  1. 20 mins Daily Exercise session
  2. 20 mins Daily Active Meditation
  3. You will require a journal or notebook to journal your stresses and developments. At the beginning of each session, you will spend a couple of minutes journaling how you are feeling including any stresses expected of the day. At the end of each session, you will spend a couple of minutes again noting any changes to this.
  4. Each Monday you will be required to take a full-length photo and close up head and shoulders photo of yourself to keep a record of your progress.

This will be running Monday to Friday throughout the 6 weeks at 8am. It is really important that you attend as many live sessions as possible so each person feels they are part of a supportive group however if you can not make it occasionally the replay will be available.

Please note the Active Meditation will include stretches and poses that are energising so don’t complete them too late in the day as this will affect your sleep.

The Benefits:

So why should you commit the time to this? If you are regularly feeling stressed, exhausted and unhappy with how you feel in your own skin, get in touch. You will be committing to putting yourself first just enough to be able to cope better with life in general and will feel incredible if you follow the program as its meant to be followed. The benefits are endless but will include:

  1. Less anxiety
  2. Better sleep
  3. More energy
  4. Fewer negative thoughts
  5. Better skin
  6. Feeling stronger, physically and mentally
  7. Feeling better able to enjoy the summer holidays
  8. Feeling able to take on bigger and brighter adventure’s

The Rules:

  1. You will be required to complete a short form with your email and consent to be included (see below).
  2. I will then send you the link for the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which will need to be completed in advance to ensure you are safe to complete this program.
  3. Next you will need to complete your Simple Program PDF in advance of Monday 26th July to give you time to prepare for the new habits starting on this day and confirm to me you have done this.
  4. Once all of this is complete I will send you the link for the group, ready for Monday 26th July 7 am start.
  5. Every Monday you will be required to take a full-length photo and head and shoulders picture. If you are not happy to put on the group page you can send it to me directly. No photos will be used without expressed permission.

The more prepared you are for the start date of 26th July the easier the transition will be into your new healthier habits!

Please complete the below form to start your entry into the program.

I am very excited to start this new lifestyle with you! xx



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