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It’s Time To Be Your Own Best Friend

One of the most important factors in reaching your fitness goals is having body confidence.

Staying positive about the way you look and avoiding those negative comments that we often say about ourselves can make reaching even the most challenging fitness goals possible.

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for many people, making going to the gym more and more of a challenge every day.

But now that the world is getting the pandemic under control and gyms and fitness centres are open once again, there is no excuse not to get fit.

We are going to take a look at some reasons why being more forgiving to yourself and being your own best friend is the best way to increase body confidence and continue on your fitness journey.

Let’s get started:

Build A Better Body

Kindness will always come back to you, just like love, hate, selfishness, and generosity. Being kind to your body by exercising and eating healthy will help it to become stronger.

It is easier to get in shape and stay fit if you are more forgiving to yourself and if you give yourself a break once in a while.

More Control

By being more forgiving to yourself, you will have more control over your life.

People who are concerned about themselves and their overall health and fitness will consistently look for new ways to improve themselves and gain control over their lives.

Eliminate Anxiety

By being more forgiving to yourself, you can deal with anxiety much more easily. Your mind and spiritual state will get a much-needed break.

Combined with relaxation, restful sleep, exercise and meditation, forgiveness works well in easing your consciousness.

By focusing on your health and well-being, you will forget about many of your problems.

Healthier Body

When you feel good about yourself and you are your own best friend, your brain will release a hormone called oxytocin. This helps to reduce inflammation, which reduces the risk of migraines, obesity, chronic pain, cancer, and diabetes.

Oxytocin is a cardioprotective hormone because it expands blood vessels. Being kind to yourself can feel so good to your mind and body, that it will become an addictive habit.

Once your body gets used to oxytocin, it won’t forget the comfortable and positive effects.

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