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Quality Sleep, Quality Life

Sleep is Underrated

The importance of sleep is often underrated.

Sleep can actually make a massive difference to your mood, energy levels, and overall awesomeness of your days.

Having a proper bedtime routine, getting 8 hours of good quality sleep is vital to reaching all other goals and targets in your life.

Why Is Sleep So Important?

Sleep is where your mind and body reset.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body is in a constant state of stress, caused by elevated levels of stress hormones being present in your body.

The most basic part of our brain wants release from this.

So we crave sugary, high-fat, CRAP foods to try and make us feel better!

This works... for about 5 minutes.

Then, we feel crap because this food doesn't provide the energy and nutrients that our body craves.

And the cycle continues... you go to bed late, probably snacking on more rubbish food in the evening, you sleep badly, you wake up tired.

You know the rest.

When we consistently sleep well, we are more motivated, calmer, and happier. We make better nutritional choices, and we're more likely to get that workout done!

We fit in that bedtime routine. And this means we sleep better, wake up refreshed and start another awesome day!

A Good Bedtime Routine

Good bedtime routines will look different for everyone, but most importantly no phones or electronics an hour before bed.

Put your 'out of office' on, or set the bedtime in your clock on your phone so nothing pings up!

For me, that time is 9 pm.

No calls and no messages (unless it's unavoidable).

I either watch some TV, chat with my husband, or read until 10 pm.

From 10 pm to 10:30 pm, I either watch Family Guy in bed (not for everyone I know but it really makes me ready for sleep!) or, if I am feeling stressed or anxious, I listen to a bedtime meditation podcast (Trax to Relax is great on Spotify).

Before Lockdown, I was completely burnt out.

Constantly exhausted, feeling terrible about myself, and in a really bad place.

Although I've taken other steps to get to this stronger, happier, healthier place, this single step has made all the other steps so much more achievable.

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