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We all have those days when the last thing in the world we want to do is workout.

But when is it best to listen to your body and take a rest day, or are you just looking for an excuse?

You decide…

Scenario 1

Pre-workout you: Tired after a bad night’s sleep.

Option 1: Blow off the workout. In an hour you still feel tired, grumpy, and reaching for those crappy processed foods to feel better.

Option 2: Turn up and do the best you can in the workout. In an hour you feel awake, energised, and proud that you have shown up and got it done even when you were not in the mood. It might have been working to 60-80 per cent capacity but it was worth it!

Post-workout you: Feel proud and happy you did the workout. Tiredness has eased for a while at least!

Scenario 2

Pre-workout you: Kids stress and/or work stress.

Option 1: Blow off the workout. For the rest of the day, you feel overwhelmed, tired and in need of a break.

Option 2: Turn up, early if necessary or when you can fit it in. Even if its 20 mins you can get your heart pumping, and your body and mind reset and ready for the day ahead. You feel energised and mind is clear leaving you better able to cope with whatever the world throws at you!

Post-workout you: Feels even more awesome because you were not in the mood and you did it anyway! Bring on the day!

Scenario 3

Pre-workout you: Has Flu or - another type of illness that has you in bed.

Option 1: Stay in bed.

Option 2: Stay in bed.

This is your time to rest and recover. If it really is flu, an earthquake could not get you out of bed!

Scenario 4

Pre-workout you: You have a cold or another mild illness. You can still go to work or cope with normally throughout the day with some over the counter medication.

Option 1: Blow of the workout. Spend the rest of the day feeling as you would expect.

Option 2: Turn up and do what you can. Maybe you do a 20 mins cardio session and work at moderate intensity.

Post-workout you: I guarantee you will feel better during and for a couple of hours after. It will not be your best workout, but you will clear your head and feel proud you got it done even though you did not want too!

Focus On The Outcome

The running theme here is that even when you really could do without it, it is best to get the workout done - unless you are genuinely unwell.

Don't think about how you are feeling pre-workout, focus on POST WORKOUT you, and how you will feel when it is done!

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