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Love Your Body To Achieve Your Goals

One of the most important things we can do is to love our bodies.

When we love our bodies and are comfortable in them, we can achieve almost anything.

But, if we don’t love our bodies, we will find it much more difficult to achieve our goals and that includes getting fit and staying healthy.

But, if we don’t like our bodies, wouldn’t that make it much easier to get in shape? After all, we want to look better to feel better, right?

Love And Motivation

While that does sound logical, our brains think differently.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

To look better, we first have to feel better.

If we don’t love our bodies, we won’t want to do anything good for them.

When we are overweight or out of shape, we blame our bodies for that when, in fact, we should be blaming our brains.

Our brains will often shut down exercise before our bodies do.

Think about it, what makes you not want to work out?

More times than none, it’s motivation.

We might feel physically tired, but our bodies will always get us up and out the door if we want them to.

When we love our bodies, regardless of the physical condition we are in, our brains will want to take better care of them.

The Personal Training Factor

When we are in the gym working out, our brains will fail us before our bodies.

This is where a good personal fitness trainer comes in.

They will teach us how to exercise properly and they will give us the motivation we need to keep going and to reach our goals.

A personal trainer can’t move our bodies for us, but they can get our brains to do it.

We just need to love ourselves, love our bodies, and have clear fitness goals.

Only then, will we see our bodies for the truly miraculous things that they are and want to improve on them each and every day.

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