two people in personal training session with boxing gloves

Goga & David Compete To Lose Weight

This is the before picture of two of LivFit's favourite clients, Goga and David.

They both came to me looking for Personal Training to complement the LivFit classes they already attend.

In 4 weeks, the winner would be the person that had lost the most weight, body fat %, and inches.

The punishment for the loser was to be a dip in the lake in the local lake!

two people in personal training session with boxing gloves

5 weeks later, after some serious dedication and hard work from both David and Goga, the results were in:

  • Goga lost exactly a stone, 3.7% body fat, and a total of 25 cm.
  • David lost 12.8 lbs (just under a stone), 2.3% body fat, and 22.5 cm

So, congratulations went to Goga on her narrow win. But well done to both David & Goga. You both absolutely smashed your first cycle, and now it's time to move on to muscle & strength!

zoe livingstone and two livfit customers

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