The Importance of Hydration

Woman drinking water

Water in your body   Our body is composed of around 70% water. Within the individual organs the amount varies. Kidneys – composed of 83% water. Function – to rid the body of toxins and excess water and to absorb vital nutrients back into the body. Heart – composed of 79% water. Function – to…

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How To Save Yourself From Chronic Stress

save yourself from chronic stress

What is Stress? To start off its important to understand that some stress is good for us! It motivates us to fight or run away from a bear, or to get that project finished within the deadline. It stimulates the want for change – when the kids are killing each other in the back of…

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High Rep & Light Weights, Or Low Rep & Heavy Weights?

woman holding weight behind head

When it comes to strength training there is a variety of options available – but why? And what is best to reach your specific goal? The Basics THE IMPORTANCE OF CORRECT FORM – THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Choose your starting weight based on your ability to complete the move with correct form throughout. Strength & Power…

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Pre-Workout You Versus Post-Workout You

focus stamped on womans hand

We all have those days when the last thing in the world we want to do is workout. But when is it best to listen to your body and take a rest day, or are you just looking for an excuse? You decide… Scenario 1 Pre-workout you: Tired after a bad night’s sleep. Option 1:…

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Quality Sleep, Quality Life

sleep is important fitness happiness

Sleep is Underrated The importance of sleep is often underrated. Sleep can actually make a massive difference to your mood, energy levels, and overall awesomeness of your days. Having a proper bedtime routine, getting 8 hours of good quality sleep is vital to reaching all other goals and targets in your life. Why Is Sleep…

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